The Nutrition Essentials Program

If you are unsure where to begin, this program is your first step.

The Nutrition Essentials Program will take you through the most important aspects nutrition and lifestyle shifts and sets a foundation with a framework on actions and habits.  Each week, you will be given video guides and resources to understand these pillars and have an action plan to Make Shifts Happen.

One on One Coaching

Work one on one with Melissa for a customized plan with personalized coaching, live support and meal plans tailored to your specific goals.

Individualized Performance Nutrition Coaching Benefits:

Individual recommendations
Troubleshooting to work through obstacles and plateaus

Team Nutrition Coaching

Performance Nutrition for in and off season to fuel your athletes.

Melissa has worked with teams in a variety of sports at varying ages from youth to professional.

Programs include:
Grocery shopping walk throughs
In season and off season programs
Travel and On the Road Nutrition
Recovery, Injury and Return to Play
Effective Hydration
Performance Supplements

Corporate Nutrition

Bring Performance Nutrition to your team and create a culture of high performance.

Wellbeing support in the workplace is a determining factor in employee happiness. Programs that are interactive, actionable and curated to the needs of your company mean higher engagement and provide genuine value to your work team.