One on One Coaching

If You Are Looking For:

Accountability to keep you consistent and apply actionable steps

Individualized recommendations to cut through the noise in the nutrition space and focus on what works

Access to live support, and someone who is on your team

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Develop a personalized Nutrition Strategy based on your goals. Focus on actions and habits to optimize you nutrition, nutrient support and lifestyle


Initial Nutrition Coaching Session; onboarding, evaluation of nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation, personalized Nutrition Strategy and next steps (60 minutes) 

Supporting Nutrition Workbook , resources and guides

6 -Follow up Nutrition Coaching Calls (30 Minutes)

Individualized recommendations and unlimited access to Melissa for questions and support

Individualized month meal plan

Integrate actions and habits into your lifestyle

Troubleshoot work through obstacles and plateaus

Stay accountable and continue to progress with larger goals and as life develops


Monthly coaching with weekly check ins (30 minute coaching calls)

Individualized recommendations and access to Melissa

Updated meal plans