Frequently Asked Questions

Melissa, What Is It That You Do?

I address nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to provide a complete approach to wellness.

Using my science background and holistic training I empower clients to elevate their health and wellness with actions and habits.


Where Did You Recieve Your Training?

HEALTH AND SCIENCE: I completed the Paramedic Program at Humber College and recieved my diploma of paramedicine with honours.

FITNESS: My fitness training comes from Canfit Pro, Darby Training Systems, and Yogafit.

NUTRITION: I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition recieving my Natural Nutrition certificate and the Award of Exellence. I have taken the Precision Nutrition Pn1 course and attended courses and seminars on Functional Medicine and Holistic Health.

BEYOND: I am a strong believer of constant development and regularily attend continuing education seminars, workshops and podcasts.

What Can I Expect When I Start Working With You?

Your initial consultation is the GAME CHANGER. You will receive information on your organ system imbalances and a food log, lifestyle and supplement evaluation. After our first meeting you will have a plan and necessary next steps.

Each clients journey is different based on their biochemical differences and throughout your journey you will recieve easy to follow protocols, recipes, resources and support.

I Am A Mess, How Do I Start?"

Take a deep breath… love and accept the place that you are at now. You will be able to reflect back here and appreciate how you have been able to shift and evolve!

Next, download the Intake Forms found under the Other links section in the footer. Once those are complete we will have what we need to start the shift.

Are You Covered Under My Health Benefit Plan?

Some extended health care benefits include nutrition services. Call and confirm this with your insurance provider to see if nutrition support is covered with your health care plan.

Where Else Can I Find You Or Your Work?

Make Shifts Happen provides nutrition support to fitness facilities across North America, find recorded presentations if you are a part of The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association and The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. You can work with me if you are a member of Evolution of Fitness and Performance (Alberta), LEVEL by Oxford Properties (Toronto) and Transformation Mentorship (online) or find me on podcasts with Designs for Sport, Prairie Hockey Academy, Jet Life Uncovered and MVP Nutrition.