Meet Melissa

I thought how I was feeling was ‘normal’.

I was a high performing Paramedic in Peel Region

I lived on coffee but was tired all of the time, I felt stressed and anxious, despite efforts in the gym and in the kitchen, I could not get rid of midsection fat.

After years of testing and an MRI  I was diagnosed with a brain tumour on my pituitary gland that was releasing dangerously high levels of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone.

I learned very quickly how nutrition, lifestyle and mindset shifts were when it came to healing and performing your best.

After brain surgery, a diploma in Natural Nutrition, and 16+ years learning in the health and fitness industry, I knew that I wanted to work with people who are feeling overwhelmed and want to cut through the noise of the health and fitness space.

Performance Nutrition is for the executive looking to have more energy and show up in their business, the athlete working on leveling up their game and the high performer that wants to optimize the way that they live.

Performance Nutrition drives results.


Make Shifts Happen addresses the root cause and uses actions to make habits stick.

If you are a high performer looking to achieve your best— whether that is physical, cognitive or professional you are in the right place.


A-EMCA Paramedic

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition; Natural Nutrition

Blood Chemistry Interpretation

GoodLife Personal Training Institute (GLPTI)

CanFit Pro

YogaFit Instructor (Yogafit Level 1)

Precision Nutrition (Pn1)

Darby Training Systems (DTS)


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